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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tui Na Massage Therapy TCM has 4 components: Accupuncture, Herbs, Tui Na Massage Therapy and exercise(Kung-fu /Chi Kung).
 Tui Na pre-dates Accupuncture Accupunture is derived from Tui Na.  Before the use of needles for the merridian points on the body to balance Chi, Tui Na used hand techniques on the same merridians, dating back thousands of years.
Tui Na Spine Therapy.  The therapy includes several hand techniques to include:  Rolling, Kneading, finger springinng, grasping, pushing-pulling, passive movement. Healthy Spine Plan:  All nerves channel out from the spine to all the major organs of the body and it is very important to have the spine at it's top performance.  Sign up for our quarterly Healthy Spine plan, every 3 months you receive a Tui Na Spine treatment by our Skilled professionals.
Tui Na
Tui Na addresses neuro-muscular and musculo-skeletal issues of the body.  All treatments are done with client fully clothed, unlike cirrculatory massage.  There are a variety of treatments for structural disorders as well as sports injuries. 
Typically we have an interview with the patient, assessment of the injury or painful area, treatment protocal, then suggest a few simple exercises to help prevent the injury again and to strengthen or stretch muscles
The spine is one of the major keys to maintaining a healthy life.  The Chinese refer to it as the Celestial Stem(Tien Gunn),  we have simple exercises called Tien Gunn that will help keep the spine flexible and healthy.  Our quarterly Healthy Spine Plan, plus Tien Gunn exercises is all you need to enjoy life at your fullest.
Tui Na Therapy
Sifu Jeff is Certified by Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to treat people with Tui Na Therapy.  People of all ages can enjoy the healing power of Tui Na.  Treatments for sprains, strains, back pain and all pain, sports injuies and more.