Hu Shen Martial Arts
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Gear up for martial Arts!
Get ready to work out in the right gear. Chinese martial arts use the black uniform while japanese and korean styles use the white uniform.
Adult class. Adult class uses the kung-fu uniform.
Group lessons and private lessons
School Schedule:
Thursday group classes:
Kids class:
Young Tigers ages 8-13,  6:15-7:00p.m.
         Adults 7:00 - 8:00p.m.
Additional classes on Sat. for an exta fee.
Shaolin Kempo Karate uniform
We use the black uniform, belt included.  Kids $38.00 - Adults $45.00.  All orders can be taken at the school or at 619-448-1752.
Adult $47.00 - Sash included.
Other items available: 
Martial arts shoe - $40.00
Knee support - $22.00
More items coming soon.
Private lesson are the best way to learn quickly, plus more material from the art of your choice!