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Sifu Jeff's Martial art biography
 Age 14 -17
Sifu Jeff starts to  learn Tang soo Do Karate.
 The Korean style was a good foundation of Martial art skills.  Enter Kempo!
After High School Sifu joins the Army and is trained to be a Military Policeman.  He learned some of the traditional Okinawan karate style named Go-Ju.
Sifu Jeff fist entered a Ed Parker Kenpo school in 1985.
After a year at Ed Parker's school,  he entered the Fred Villari Studios of Self Defense and the American Shaolin Kempo Karate system.


In 1990 Sifu Jeff stumbled upon a gold mine of Traditional kung-fu, in North Park, San Diego.  Dr. Vince Black and his North American Tang Shou Tao Association.
Sifu Jeff with Dr. Vince Black
First exposure to the martial arts
At the age of 12 Sifu Jeff see's the movie BillyJack and witnesses the power of Karate for the first time. Sifu Jeff learn's Tang Soo Do, some Judo courses and American wrestling.  The wrestling and Judo helped fill the close range techniques  that the long range striking and kicking of Tang Soo Do lacked.
Although the Tang Soo Do training was a good foundation,  after studying Shaolin Kempo's fast hand techniques and all ranges of defense, it was Kempo where he stayed for 8 years of study to earn a 2nd degree Black Belt.

Traditional Kung-fu

One friday while Sifu Jeff was performing his normal job of operating a printing press, his boss asked him to work late to imprint these certificates that a customer needed by Sat., the customer was leaving for China.  He agreed to stay late, as he investigated the certificates and the letterhead that was with them, he saw Chinese writing and the name of the "North American Tang Shou Tao Association" on the cetificates.  Sifu Jeff had been searching for a Traditional kung-fu school, but had no luck.  This was his lucky night, the next day he called the phone number and inquired if they taught  Traditional kung-fu, the answer was yes, it was authentic and the lineage dated back to the founders of the arts!  I have studied these methods ever since I entered their school!