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Sifu Jeff Thornbloom - Senior Instructor of Hu Shen Martial Arts School.
 Tang Soo Do Karate -
Sifu Jeff's first experience with Martial Arts was the Korean style of Karate named Tang Soo Do(Way of the Chinese Hand)1974 -1976
Sifu Jeff Begins the study of Kempo Karate
During the Army tour Sifu Jeff Studied some Go-Ju Karate and then moved back to San Diego to enter a Ed Parker Kenpo school in 1984.
 Villari Shaolin Kempo Karate 
The lineage is as follows:
The 16th century Japan.
The ancestors of James Mitose combined the Temple arts of Ju-jitsu and Shorinji(Shaolin) Kempo.  The Art was called Kosho-Ryu Kempo.  From James Mitose the art was handed down as follows, Willaim Chow - Adriano Emperado - Sonney Gascon - George Presare - Nick Cerio - Fred Villari - Glen Small - Jeff Thornbloom
 The lineage of Hsing-I Chuan:
Chi Lung Feng founder 1600's - Tsao Chi Wu - Tai Jung Pan - Li Xeng Jan - Li Tsun I - Chang Chan Feng - Hung I Hsiang - Hsu Hong Chi - Vince Black -Chris Quayle/Peter Davis - Jeff Thornbloom
The lineage of Ba Gua Zhang Kung-fu Laing Zhen Pu style:
The founder Dong Haichuan - Laing Zhen Pu - Li Ziming - Vince Black - Chris Quayle/Peter Davis - Jeff Thornbloom
Gao Yi Sheng style Ba Gua Zhang:
Dong Haichuan - ChengTing-Hua - Gao Yi Sheng - Liu Fengcai - Lui Shuhang - Vince Black - Peter Davis - Jeff Thornbloom
Tang Soo Do
Master of Tang Soo Do Karate, Michael Conniry, Back row 2nd from the right.  Sifu Jeff's second Tang soo Do teacher.  I recommend anybody searching for a Tae Kwon do or Tang soo do school to go to this small but fantastic school! La Mesa, CA.
The American Shaolin Kempo Style is blend of Shaolin 5 Animal kung-fu.  The 5 animal styles are the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Crane and the snake.
Also included is Japanese Ju-jitsu and Shotokan Karate.
Sifu Jeff's school also includes the Horse and Monkey styles.
The first Kenpo instruction was from the  American Kenpo Karate system. Ed Parker(left).  Sifu Jeff earned a 2nd degree black belt in the Fred Villari Shaolin Kempo schools.  He also recieved some training in the Kajukenbo system from Chris Quayle and the North American Tang Shou Tao.
Internal Kung-fu Systems

 At left is Dr. Vince Black and Sifu Jeff.

Hsu Hong Chi
Li Ziming
Sifu Jeff began his study of Traditional kung-fu at Dr. Vince Black's North American Tang Shou Tao school in 1990.  A student must be a member of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association to be taught indepth lessons in the arts of Ba Gua and Hsing-I kung-fu!
Hsu Hong Chi was Vince Black's Hsing I Chuan teacher and also taught him the healing art of Tui Na.
Li Ziming was Vince Black's Laing Zhen Pu Style Ba Gua Kung-fu teacher, this was Sifu Jeff's first style of Ba Gua kung-fu he studied.