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Family Kung-Fu Center
We teach classes in Santee, CA.  Phone # is 619-309-9526 for indepth info about the arts we teach.  Group Adult and Kid classes are available.  Plus special events and weapon clinics.
 Health & fitness.   The classes we teach will explore all area's of fitness and health.   Topics to include Meditation, strength, stretching, coordination, balance, Mental focus skills. The kids program is the fast action style of Shaolin Kempo Karate.  This popular style is a fusion of Japanese Karate & Ju-jitsu and Shaolin 5 Animal Kung--fu
 Traditional Chinese Mdicine.  Soon we will offer treatments in Tui Na Therapy .  We generaly focus on the spine because of it's major impact on healthy living.
Adult classes. After some basic kung-fu movements are taught, the student who wishes to continue a deeper study of the Internal Kung--fu arts are required to join the North American Tang Shou Tao Association. 
The adult classes will cover mainly the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate, members can explore Hsing-I Chuan first then Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Chi Chuan. 
Kids classes
Kids can enjoy the benifits of martial arts practise.  Kung-fu is the vehicle we use to develop mental and physical skills that can last a life time!
and organize. At the begining of class
we clear the mind and wipe the board clean, allowing the mind to retain and
focus on new physical and mental concepts we will learn.
Meditation skills.  The mind is like a chalk board filled with daily info of things to remember
The adult class will focus on healthy body movements that can be applied to self-defense.  The solo forms taught become a body health maintenance program.
Ba Gua Symbol.  The 8 parts with 8 possibilties = the 64 postures and endless applications.  This comes from the 4000 year old "I Ching" Book of Changes.  The main focus in Ba Gua Zhang Kung-fu is Change.  Understanding this principal and all it has to offer will instill in you the most powerfull and profound skills imaginable!
Martial Arts training at its best!  We offer the ultimate skills for your health and self-defense!  We are the only traditional kung-fu school in Santee!  We also offer the best Kempo Karate in town!