Hu Shen Martial Arts
Family Kung-Fu Center
   The legend of the White Tiger.  According to Chinese mythology, a tiger's coat turns white after 500 years, thus a symbol of longevity, strength and wisdom.  It reflects the Internal Arts we practise. 
Welcome to the Family Kung Center.  Classes are  offered through the City of Santee Recreation dept.  619-258-4100 xt 222.  Also some classes at woodglen Vista park.   We teach classes to young and old in the arts of Shaolin Kempo Karate, Traditional kung-fu styles named Ba Gua Zhang, Hsing-I Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan.  Hu Shen Means Tiger Spirit and is the name we have chosen for martial arts academy.
  *** CLASSES START 4-24-1014!!!!
 Shaolin Kempo Karate The art of Shaolin Kempo Karate is a popular effective self-defense system that incorperates Japanese Karate, Ju-jitsu and Chinese Shaolin 5 animal kung-fu.
 The traditional healing art of Tui Na therapy. The Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is a combination of Accupucture, Herbs, Tui Na body work and exercise(kung-fu).
Traditional Kung-fu styles and modern street wise self-defense!
Our kids classes are outstanding!  Young children start with the "Little Tigers" class, ages 5-7.  This class gets them started on balance, hand-eye coordination, tumbling and the basic material.  The next class is the "Young Tigers", ages 8-13.  This class will introduce more complicated movements and exercises.  The art we teach for kids is Shaolin Kempo Karate.  This art has it all,  Shaolin 5 animal Kung-fu, Japanese arts of Ju-jitsu and Karate.  All classes are taught by Sifu Jeff with over 35 years experience!  Saftey is always the # one rule.  Empower your child today, Call NOW!
Tui Na Therapy

Tui Na is the healing art that addresses muscular-skeletal and neuro-muscular issues of the body.  All ages can enjoy the the healing qualities of massage therapy.  From back pain to strains and sports injuries, we can help assist you in the healing proccess. 
At left is a painting of Bodhidharma the Indian Monk who came to the Shaolin Temple to teach Budhism and is thought to be the person of profound influence in the art of Shaolin kung-fu.
At left is a painting from the Shaolin temple depicting the darker skin indian and the lighter skin chinese monk developing  the skills of Shaolin kung-fu.